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Groceries Delivery Policy
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About Ordering Groceries

Order by 8 p.m. the day before local delivery is desired, for next dayafternoon or evening delivery. We also accept telephone orders (next day delivery only) at 352-658-3115.

Do you have same day service?

Yes, we have same day deliveries. Please understand your order will be serviced after we take care of prior orders.
If this is your first order, click Start Shopping. Select a department to browse, the aisles and search for items. Click on the plus sign(+) to expand the list on the left and refer to more selections, or search for any item by entering the description in “Find any product.
Click “Buy” to include the item to your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping, select “Check Out” or “Review Order.
On the checkout page, enter a password (recommended) to access a

list of previously ordered items for easier reordering. 

New customers can pay by credit card or cash. Remaining customers can also pay by check.
For customers who have ordered at least once before, please Log In to observe yours
(list of previously ordered items). Log in with your email and the password that you chose when you first ordered.You can add as many current items as you like to your order after you log in. Use the “Show or Hide Items” box at the top to show which items are already selected or use the “Clear All Quantities” button to clear all quantities.
Include items from your Custom List to the shopping cart by clicking “Buy.You can also gather items that you want to order by entering a quantity for any item that you want and” Save Changes” before going to the following page. When you have collected all items that you requireyou can select “Add All to Cart” to include all items at once.
To include current items to the cart, as well as your Custom List select “Add New Items” from the top menu.
Select “Checkout” or “Review Order” when you have completed your order.
The local groceries will be promptly delivered to your door, and to your kitchen counter if desired. 

You must be at home to receive the deliveryunless you or your building management provide a key, or unless you specify delivery to your porch or other designated spot.

Selection of Items

All choice items are carefully hand selected by our savvy shoppers.We carefully select only the finest items available.

Delivery Area Lake County Fl.
Shopping, Delivery, Days, and, Times

Monday — sat 8 am 8 p.m. Sun 1 pm — 3 pm

Cost of Service

 Residential Delivery 
Order Amount Delivery Charge

$70 (minimum order) and up


Membership (Optional):

$350/year or $95/quarter

Minimum Order

The minimum order is $70. There is a $5 small order fee surcharge for orders less than $70.
Snow and Severe Weather Policy: In case of a hurricane, snow or other severe weather, Your Grocery may suspend any discount program and may charge a delivery surcharge per delivery or may suspend delivery all together.
Payment Policy
Pay by cash or credit card for first-time customers. Remaining customers can pay by cashcheck, or credit card. Customers paying by cash or check will receive a 2% discount on their grocery total, exclusive of the delivery charge. If a check is returned by the bank, that customer will be charged $25 in addition to the amount of the check.

Pricing Policy

Due to frequent price changes, for producemeatdeli, raw seafood, and frozen shrimp; for these items, we add 16.5% to the current store price. Your price for these categories will always be based on the current store price. That means that for producemeatdeli, and seafood items, if the item is on sale, the Your Grocery price will be calculated based on the sale price. For all other itemsprices are as listed at


We accept manufacturers‘ coupons if they are presented in advance. You can produce them to the driver on the previous order or forward them to the Your Grocery office.

Benefits of using Your Grocery

Order by telephone, fax, or the internet at
Pay by cash, check(existing customers only), or credit card.
Attentive Personalized service by Neighborhood Associates.
Concentrate more time managing things that you thoroughly enjoy.
Save money with weekly specials!

“Delivery right to your kitchen counter; no lugging, no hassle.”

We deliver only the freshest produce and meats plus quality grocery items, guaranteed.
Save money by not impulse shopping.
Save on automobile or other travel expense (no driving to the store).
Shop anytime at
Reorder definitely using your own custom order form.
General Policies:

Tipping for exceptional service is appreciated, but is not expected.
Item Selection: If you do not discover an item that you desirewe will be willing to obtain it if it‘s obtainable at our supplier.

Substitution policy, Sometimes a product will be out of stock or will not be available, In that case we need to know if you desire us to consider a similar item for you (recommended).

“Best Substitute” means we will consider a similar producttaking into account product specifications. If for any reason you don’t prefer the substituteyou‘re free to reject it at the time of delivery at no cost to you.
“No Substitute” means that if your product is unavailable or out of stock you will not receive any product and you‘ll be refunded for the item. You can specify your preference for each item as you include items to your shopping cart.
Return Policy: Satisfaction is assured. Delivery service isn’t refundable. If an item in your order is not of the qualityyou will expect, or is overlookingaddress us within 24 hours and we will credit it to your account or return your money, whichever you prefer. Items must be returned before a credit or refund will be applied.

Returned Checks: If a check is returned by the bank, that customer will be charged $25 in addition to the amount of the check.
Re-delivery: You can understand the time and cost of delivering your

groceries not once but twice. 

If you are able to arrange a new time with the driver, there will be a $10 other charge to 

re-deliver your order that same day/night.

 If we have to store your products overnight, there will be a $15 re-delivery fee.

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